The Twelve Days of a Green Christmas – Eighth Day


...on the eighth day of Christmas my green friend gave to me...eight straw chocolate bars..six pounds of spinach...five milkweed plants...four smart bulbs...three Amazon Echos...two Ecobees...and a live Christmas tree!

8 Things You Probably Aren’t Doing In Your Garden…

Jump start your garden by watching this slide-show! Singh Farms in Scottsdale, AZ appears like an oasis in a desert. Ken Singh shares his methods for enriching the soil and creating one of the prettiest farms around...just by letting nature do what it does best! He also shares his thoughts on genetically modified (GMO) seeds.

Are You A Citizen Science Contributor?

Citizen science was born in on Christmas Day in 1900 when a man named Frank Chapman decided to interact with birds in a different way from the norm, which was killing them.  Chapman, an officer in the then-young Audubon Society, decided to instead organize citizens to help count birds.  Hence the term "citizen science" and … Continue reading Are You A Citizen Science Contributor?