Celebrate Earth Day on April 22 and Everyday!

Earth Day 2014 is "officially" tomorrow, but many cities around the world are celebrating this coming weekend with many different activities. This year's theme is Green Cities

Eco-friendly Holiday Travel Tips

Even if you are not involved with PracticallyGreen.com, a website promoting greener life habits, these eco-friendly travel tips will still help you become more environmentally aware.  From PractiacallyGreen.com: *Choose a train over a plane for a short trip and earn 50 points, plus you’ll be one step closer to earning the Conscious Consumer badge sponsored by our partner Climate … Continue reading Eco-friendly Holiday Travel Tips

Ratings From Barely Green To Superbly Green

PracticallyGreen.com is a fun website that offers tips on what you can do to be a little greener in your daily living.  Yes, there are hundreds of website offering tips, including mine, but this one is different and it's fun!  There is a great quiz to measure how green you are on their scale.  Be … Continue reading Ratings From Barely Green To Superbly Green