10 More Uses For Vinegar

Regular, white vinegar, aka White Lightning, has long been a staple in my house.  I buy the largest container possible, which is usually the gallon size.  No, I don't use it much for cooking, most of it is used for cleaning and laundry. When I saw this article in This Old House I thought "OK, … Continue reading 10 More Uses For Vinegar

17 Uses For Baking Soda

I am always amazed when I read about another use for baking soda.  As one of my kitchen and laundry room staples I use baking soda daily and buy the largest bags available.  Using baking soda for so many chores has cut down on my expenses as the need for 5 different types of cleaning … Continue reading 17 Uses For Baking Soda

Natural Solutions for Toxic Mold

None of us like mold in our homes, yet sometimes we don't quite understand how it grows where it does.  Natural Home does a wonderful job of covering all the ways mold can grow, the different types of mold and what to do without using toxic chemicals to combat the mold.  Read the article....