The Twelve Days of a Green Christmas – Twelfth Day


...On the twelfth day of Christmas my green friend gave to me...12 essential oils...eleven bags of mulch...ten qigong lessons...nine mystery plants...eight light milkweed plants...a six pack of beer...five pairs of slippers...four chocolate bars...three holly trees...two vent fans...and a new doorbell!

12 Household Cleaning Ingredients to Avoid

Some of the ingredients in household cleaners, laundry detergents, and even "green" cleaners like Simple Green and Clorox Greenworks can create a toxic indoor environment. Know these 12 ingredients and their effects before you buy any cleaning products.

New Year’s Resolutions – A Healthier 2012!

As we slide down the last week of 2011 into 2012, this is a time when many of us think of what we might like to do differently in the new year.  My thoughts are aimed at health as my main focus; a healthier home and a healthier me. For a healthier home I want … Continue reading New Year’s Resolutions – A Healthier 2012!