5 Critical Factors For Selling Your Home For The Highest Price!

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You've upgraded your home with smart features and systems to make your home more comfortable and now you want to sell. If you don't understand the process you won't sell your house for the highest price possible!

The Twelve Days of a Green Christmas – First Day


The Merchants' 12 days of Christmas recently ended as we celebrate Christmas today. Now we can begin celebrating the true twelve days of Christmas (they really begin today) and let's make them green!

The Twelve Days of A Green Christmas – Eleventh Day


...on the eleventh day of Christmas my green friend gave to me...eleven soy candles...ten traded shares...nine native plants...eight motion sensor lights...seven chakra gems...six solar panels...five milkweed plants...four pints of milk...three wax wraps...two re-purposed pallets...and a smart ther-mo-stat! This eleventh day verse is an updated of last year's eleventh day gift for two reasons. One reason … Continue reading The Twelve Days of A Green Christmas – Eleventh Day