About Me

My name is Jeannette and I boarded the “Green Train” years ago with small changes in my habits and routines.  As a participant in Earth Day 1970, I realized green was more of a luxury than an accepted lifestyle.  Nowadays green has become more of a necessity to preserve many of our precious resources. Fortunately, with more folks boarding the “Green Train”,  “green” is becoming more affordable for building, remodeling, landscaping and living!

Spending a good deal of time on green education and being a voracious reader of green articles from many sources, this site is evolving into a resource to find sources, read pertinent articles and, of course, my thoughts mixed throughout.  There are links to websites to help you find where to locally recycle items that are not picked up as well as links to articles introducing you to the basics of planning a greener outdoor space, a chart showing the biggest bang for your buck and inexpensive ways to participate in the green movement.

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Thank you for visiting and I hope you too decide to board the “Green Train”!

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