The Twelve Days of a Green Christmas…Fifth Day

On the fifth day of Christmas my green friend gave to me…five bamboo toothbrushes…four stainless straws..three pairs of socks…two recycled pallets…and a new electric car!

Toothbrushes that wash up on the beach.

Over the past several years of walking on the beach and picking up trash I have become even more sensitive to the end-of-life-cycle of common items we use daily. Among the trash I frequently find toothbrushes with plastic handles and bristles that don’t decompose. With more than 3.6 billion plastic toothbrushes sold every year this problem will only get worse!

As my toothbrushes wore out I lamented to my green friend how terrible it was that I used those plastic toothbrushes and how I needed to make a change. So on this fourth day of a Green Christmas my green friend gave me bamboo toothbrushes. I was not familiar with them but just using one this morning told me these would be my new toothbrushes never to be replaced with plastic ones again!

The Humble Company

The Humble Brush designed by Dentists with The Humble Company in Sweden was a great choice for several reasons! Not only does it have a 100% sustainable bamboo handle the company uses nylon-6 because it has a lower hardness (which is good for your teeth) and a lower water absorption (which is good for keeping your brush hygienic) compared to other types of nylon. It’s a strong, durable and hygienic synthetic material produced by Dupont.

Once my toothbrush is worn out, I just separate the head containing the bristles from the handle. The handle of my bamboo toothbrush can easily be composted and the bristles can go to household waste or plastic recycling.

Finally, if you take a look at The Humble Company’s story you will discover in addition to being an eco-friendly company that cares about our environment the Humble Smile Foundation, a group of dedicated dental professionals and academics, develops models whereby volunteer teams work together with local school staff to promote specific behavior-based preventive oral health initiatives that include dietary interventions, monitored toothbrushing and clinical procedures.

The Humble Co. donates all the Humble products that are needed by the Humble Smile Foundation to carry out its mission. The projects involve much more than distributing products. With the support of the dental profession, Humble Smile Foundation delivers comprehensive, sustainable preventive oral care to the most vulnerable children around the world. To cover this, in addition to Humble products, The Humble Co. annually donates a sum of money in proportion to sales in that year.

Not only did I receive a gift from my green friend that helps save our environment, the brand chosen does so much more for children with its’ Foundation that I can feel doubly good every time I brush my teeth! Why not consider a switch to a more sustainable toothbrush when it’s time to replace your toothbrushes and help underprivileged children with their oral care?

Thank you for reading my post and please join me tomorrow for the Sixth Day of a Green Christmas! If you’re curious about the history of the Twelve Days of Christmas you can find that here. Join me tomorrow and see what my Green Friend gifts me…I’m sure it will be fun, educational, useful or possibly edible! Whatever the gift I know it will make a positive impact on the environment!


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