The Twelve Days of a Green Christmas…Fourth Day

…on the fourth day of Christmas my green friend gave to me…four smart bulbs, three bags of taters, two quarts of milk and a potted cypress tree!

Coincidentally, for the fourth day of Christmas last year my green friend gave me a 4-pack of LED smart light bulbs. I think I talked about the uses and value of those smart bulbs all year-long because this year my green friend gave me a 4-pack of LED smart COLOR bulbs.There are many brands but these bulbs were manufactured by FEIT and are sold in Costco. I had looked at the smart color bulbs all year and kept telling myself for months I would not have a use for them. Then I started thinking about ways I could use them and decided they might be useful as well as fun! What a great and fun gift!

So let me tell you some of the uses I found most valuable with the smart bulbs I received last year and then I’ll talk about the color bulbs I am now installing. Setting schedules for different times and days for each bulb are one of features I found most useful for security. I previously used those plug-in timers which I found to be noisy, lost time and didn’t have a long life. The two timers I have left have now been delegated to operating in the garage so I don’t hear the noise.

I have three closets with pull strings to turn on the light which I replaced last year with smart bulbs. It was going to be expensive to have an electrician install wall switches in my plaster walls, an expense I didn’t need. This was an easy, money-saving upgrade! I  now have nice ceiling fixtures and when I want one of the closet lights on I just tell Alexa which one I would like on. I also like that I am able to dim them with a voice command.

Smart Color Bulbs Credit:

Many years ago I had bemoaned to my acupuncturist about the obnoxious awakenings from  my alarm clock. She suggested placing a timer switch on a lamp and setting it for the time I wanted to wake up. That turned out to be one of the best suggestions I had received to eliminate an alarm clock even though the timer noise sometimes kept me awake at night. I removed the timer and replaced the lamp bulb with one of the smart color bulbs. I now have a schedule set where it turns on in the evening as an orange-red glow (like the sun setting) and then again in the morning like the sunrise. I am really looking forward to waking up tomorrow morning to the “sunrise”!

I have installed another color bulb over my front door which will be set to a schedule and I plan to change the colors based on the season or holiday. Did I mention the large color wheel choices available and the Alexa app has colors already defined!


One of the closets in my family room I converted into a “movie theater” by painting the walls a dark brown (camouflages the TV). The closet has a light so I am replacing the LED bulb with one of these smart color bulbs and adding a color for ambience. I will have to be patient until evening to get the full effect and try different colors. Wow…saving money with LED bulbs and having fun with them too…who would have guessed?


I now have one smart color bulb left. I’m probably late to the game and everyone has used these for years now so tell me some of the ways you have used these smart color bulbs in your home. Share your ideas and how you have used yours in the comment section below.

Thank you for joining me on this Fourth Day of a Green Christmas! If you’re curious about the history of the Twelve Days of Christmas you can find that here. Join me tomorrow and see what my Green Friend gifts me…I’m sure it will be fun, useful or maybe edible!

Anything you would like to comment on or add?

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