The Twelve Days of a Green Christmas – Sixth Day


…on the sixth day of Christmas my green friend gave to me…six pounds of spinach…five milkweed plants…four smart bulbs…three Amazon Echos…two Ecobees…and a live Christmas tree!

Spinach Photo credit:

Six pounds of spinach…what is that about? Well my green friend knows I eat a lot of spinach, organic of course, and it’s been joked about that I could rival Popeye when it comes to spinach! Yes, spinach at least once a day if not twice…love the stuff! I can easily go through 2-3 pounds a week for just myself! My green friend knows I only eat organic when it comes to leafy vegetables like spinach because of all the pesticides sprayed on regular produce so these 6 pounds of organic spinach will not go to waste.

Rather than supplement my meals with vitamins and minerals I choose to eat organically and eat healthy, especially as I age. So let’s look at the benefits of eating spinach, aka Spinacia oleracea , a member of the Amaranthaceae family, which includes beets and quinoa. I won’t bore you by going into greater detail but here are the salient benefits: Just do a search and learn more about the benefits that might interest you!

  • improves eyesight
  • treats macular degeneration
  • provides neurological benefits
  •  maintains blood pressure
  • strengthens muscles
  • helps in bone mineralization
  • reduces risk of cataracts
  • increases your metabolism
  • acts as an anti-ulcerative
  • prevents Atherosclerosis, heart attacks and strokes
  • helps with fetal development
  • provides proteins for infant growth
  • reduces inflammation
  • treats and prevents cancer
  • protects skin

Do you love spinach like I love spinach? How often do you eat spinach?

Popeye and the benefits of spinach Photo credit:

I’ll wrap it up with a little trivia about Popeye, one of my favorite cartoon characters. “Popeye, the Sailor Man” was deliberately aimed at children beginning in 1932 to convince them to eat spinach. I can’t remember if I would eat spinach as a child but perhaps my 2-3 pounds per week as an adult is making up for it! My green friend gave me a wonderful gift this sixth day of a green Christmas!

If this is the first post you have read of my Twelve Days of a Green Christmas and you can’t figure out what the heck I am writing about or why I’m writing about the Twelve Days after Christmas click here to read how this all began. Thank you for reading my rendition of the Sixth Day of Christmas and I hope you join me tomorrow for the Seventh Day of a Green Christmas!



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