The Twelve Days of a Green Christmas – Fourth Day


…on the fourth day of Christmas my green friend gave to me…four smart bulbs…three Amazon Echos…two Ecobees…and a live Christmas tree!

As I mentioned in my Second Day post I live in a mid-century house that I have been remodeling. Some of you may remember those lightbulbs in closets with pull-chains. I happen to have 4 closets with pull-chain bare bulb fixtures that I never liked! Over the years the chains were broken rendering the fixtures useless unless replaced with another pull chain fixture which I had not considered a big priority..

Last year my green friend gave me 2 Panasonic WhisperGreen bath fans with occupancy sensors which eliminated the need for wall switches. The electrician had told me wall switches would cost a hefty amount with the labor involved routing the wires down the plaster walls. By the way those fans with plug and play occupancy and humidity sensors work great!

So these 4 Philips Hue smart bulbs were another ingenious gift from my green friend. Today I installed nice looking, pull-chain free fixtures with those smart bulbs and then asked my Amazon Echo Plus Alexa, that I received yesterday, to “discover” those bulbs. She paired them and then I named them “hall closet light”, “master bedroom closet light”, etc. Once they were all named I told Alexa to turn on each of the lights and bingo each closet had light! Then I told Alexa to dim the light and they dimmed. When I was ready I told Alexa to turn them off. This was only one of the “skills” these bulbs can perform and I will need to read more about other uses. You can buy a lighting “hub” to control lights but the Amazon Echo Plus is compatible with a variety of devices which I hope to pair with it once everything gets installed.

I was ecstatic with my new smart bulbs which cost a mere fraction of what an electrician would have charged to install light switches! If you have any pull chain light fixtures or just want to have lights that turn on and off on schedules you should definitely consider smart bulbs! I will probably add smart bulbs to a couple lamps instead of those noisy timers I have, the next time those bulbs go on sale.

Not only is my home becoming “smarter” it is also becoming more secure and gaining value! If you are making your home smarter and have added devices please share your experiences with me in the comments so I can learn from your experiences.

If this is the first post you have read of my Twelve Days of a Green Christmas and you can’t figure out what the heck I am writing about or why I’m writing about the Twelve Days after Christmas click here to read how this all began. Thank you for reading my rendition of the Fourth Day of Christmas and I hope you join me tomorrow for the Fifth Day of a Green Christmas!



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