The Twelve Days of a Green Christmas – First Day


The Retailers’/Merchants’ 12 days of Christmas just ended as we celebrate Christmas today. For the rest of us we can now begin celebrating the true twelve days of Christmas (they really do begin today)!

In 2011 I began my “Twelve Days of a Green Christmas” as an entertaining way of sharing ideas for energy-efficiency and sustainability. Not only do I want to share some money-saving ideas, my hopes are for you to learn something new about reducing your energy usage and saving money. So if you are ready to join me this year just recall the tune and sing each verse as we progress through the twelve days!

Contrary to what Retailers want you to believe the twelve days of Christmas begins on Christmas Day (the 25th) and ends on the fifth day of January with the Feast of the Epiphany celebrated on the Twelfth Night or Eve of the Epiphany, according to Wikipedia. Every country has its’ traditions for celebrating the Epiphany. Here in the US, you have probably heard about preparing “Kings’ Cakes” leading up to Mardi Gras in New Orleans, the “Great Fruitcake Toss” in Manitou Springs, Colorado, which ended in 2013 and the elaborate celebration with the tossing of the wooden cross into the Spring Bayou in Tarpon Springs, Florida. What a lot of historic trivia, especially on Christmas Day!

Happy 1st Day of Christmas!

So here we go with the first verse…sing along if you dare!

…On the first day of Christmas, my green friend gave to me….a new doorbell!

Last year my green friend gave me a smart thermostat which was an amazing gift! Not only does that thermostat allow me to set the temperature when I am away from the house but I can also get notified when the air filter needs changing, a service appointment is due, a history of “events” and I can see the current outdoor temperature. Got a little side-tracked remembering last year’s gift but it sort of relates to this year’s gift!

My doorbell has had a piece of tape over it since the wind-driven rain from Hurricane Matthew shorted some wires or rusted it. Recently I had been talking to my green friend about video doorbells that have an app that allows you to see who is at the door, talk with them and records activity around the “targeted” area. I thought this type of doorbell could be beneficial for a number of reasons other than just seeing who is at the front door and answering it remotely. The cloud recording would allow me to see packages left on my porch that went missing and possibly identify the culprit. I also thought it would be great to be able to identify dog owners who don’t pick up after their dogs and leave their dog’s business in my yard for me to step into!

Ring Video Doorbell

I think I’m going to find my new video doorbell very useful and am so happy to have received this gift from my green friend! So ends the first verse of the ‘Twelve Days of a Green Christmas”. I hope you learned something new today and will join me tomorrow for the second day of the twelve days of a green Christmas. If you have a smart thermostat or video doorbell let me know how you use it or any tips you can share in the comments.

Anything you would like to comment on or add?

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