Grace and Corbett’s “Proof is Possible” National Tour

Have you heard about Grace and Corbett’s “Proof is Possible” National Tour and their “Tiny Lab”?  They began their National Tour to 20 cities last month with the first stop in St. Augustine, FL, their only stop in the state! Sponsored by the St. Johns Housing Partnership Grace and Corbett arrived on Sunday, April 3rd and headed north after their free Homeowner’s Workshop on Saturday, April 9th.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the “Tiny House” movement or watched TV episodes but Grace and Corbett’s version is not a “tiny house” rather a “tiny lab”.  What’s the difference?  Yes, they are both small houses but the “tiny house” concept deals more with smallness and doesn’t do much to address the actual building performance.  That’s where the “tiny lab” outshines the other small footprint houses!

Grace, Corbett and 3-month old Nanette parked their “tiny lab” at a very busy intersection of St. Augustine with traffic all hours of the day and night!  When I asked Grace about the road noise she said because the

Corbett with Nanette

house is so well constructed they didn’t hear any traffic!   One of the reasons for the sound-proofed surroundings is their use of APC Cork floating floor that sits on PureBond formaldehyde-free plywood over 6″ of insulation.  Their use of natural and formaldehyde-free materials ensures healthy air for the occupants.  A Mitsubishi electric cooling and heating system keeps them comfortable. They can also watch the dynamics of their home with digital gauges.

I had the opportunity to work with Grace and Corbett by coordinating the Real Estate Professionals Breakfast.  We had a full house with the breakfast sponsored by Ron Gelinas of BB&T Bank and his wife, Ginger.  If you want to know more about an Energy-Efficient Mortgages (EEMs) you definitely want to talk to Ron or a Lender in your area who understands them!

Before Grace, Corbett and Nanette rolled into town I wondered how they chose “Proof Is Possible” for the name of their tour.  Of course once I attended Corbett’s extremely informative presentation it became clear!  Corbett’s workshop kept revolving around changes that can be made to an existing home or incorporated in new construction that improve comfort and health for its’ occupants and “proof is possible” to obtain when these systems are in place through tests and actual living.

The “Proof is Possible Tour” will be arriving in Rockville, MD on May 28 and Washington, DC until June 3, 2016.  Be sure to check their website to find if your city is one they will be visiting and don’t miss your chance to meet these wonderful people and learn so much from their “Tiny Lab”!