The Twelve Days of A Green Christmas – Ninth Day


…on the ninth day of Christmas my green friend gave to me…nine native plants…eight motion sensor lights…seven chakra gems…six solar panels…five milkweed plants…four pints of milk…three wax wraps…two re-purposed pallets…and a smart ther-mo-stat!

Nine native plants…what a great “green” gift for someone transitioning their “thirsty” landscape into a drought tolerant yard!  Whether you live in a wetter or drier part of the country conserving water with native plants is the best type of landscaping possible.  A climate-friendly landscape minimizes the need for fertilizers and pesticides which reduces pollution in our water.  Every state has tools available to help you design the best water-conserving landscape for your climate.  If you have trouble locating the tools to help you, search for a native plant organization or nursery to get help.

Drought tolerant FFL yard

I have worked on converting my yard to “native” plantings, in phases, for the past 3 years. Now I have 9 more native plants to add to my landscape. Keeping in mind the FFL (Florida Friendly Landscaping) number one principle…Right Plant, Right Place…I have sorted my plants into ground-covers and specimens, based on watering needs.  I can then place the plants in my yard where they will thrive best, following the 9 FFL principles in Landscaping 101.  To get the help I need I use the FFL Interactive Yard tool on my computer.  My green friend obviously knows my yard and knows I have a low-lying area that collects water when it rains so a couple of the plants are perfect for my rain garden which is beginning to take a larger shape .

A drought-tolerant yard looks like a good 2016 possibility for me since I was not able to complete my landscaping in 2015 with my ongoing physical therapy for my 2014 broken arm and fractured collarbone. Please think “native”  or “drought-tolerant” when adding or replacing any plants in your yard this year and avoid using any invasive plants! One of my beach buddies told me this morning about her invasive golden raintree plant given to her from a friend (now deceased). As it had become a “memorial” to her friend she kept it.  Now that tree is over 15 feet tall, making a mess everywhere and sprouts are coming up all over her yard.  She plans to dig it up today with all the little seedlings, hoping to eradicate this plant. She knows this will not be an easy chore!

Have you planted a drought tolerant yard or had to deal with invasive plant species in your yard?  Please share your pictures and comments below.

If this is the first post you have read of my green rendition of the Twelve Days of a Christmas and you can’t figure out what the heck I am writing about or why I’m writing about the Twelve Days after Christmas, click here to read how all this started.  I hope you join me tomorrow for the Tenth Day of a Green Christmas!


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