The Twelve Days of a Green Christmas – sixth day


…on the sixth day of Christmas my green friend gave to me…six solar panels…five milkweed plants…four pints of milk…three wax wraps…two re-purposed pallets…and a smart ther-mo-stat!

Last year my green friend gave me 5 solar panels which I ended up using for my solar hot water heater.  With the addition of 6 more solar panels this year I can start reducing my dependency on electricity supplied by Florida Power and Light (FPL).

                   Solar panels

Solar panels today cost 100 times less than the solar panels of the 70’s, when I first began researching solar possibilities.  Coupled with Federal Tax incentives solar panels have gained popularity.   The good news is the Consolidated Appropriations Act, signed earlier this month, extended the expiration date for PV and solar thermal technologies, and introduced a gradual step down in the credit value for these technologies.   If you don’t want to buy your solar system and you wish to convert a water heater to solar or morph your home to a net-zero home there are a lot of options available, including leasing panels.

If this is the first post you have read of my green rendition of the Twelve Days of a Christmas and you can’t figure out what the heck I am writing about or why I’m writing about the Twelve Days after Christmas, click here to read how all this started.  I hope you join me tomorrow for the Seventh Day of a Green Christmas.

Anything you would like to comment on or add?

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