The Twelve Days of A Green Christmas…Eighth Day

On the eighth day of Christmas my green friend gave to me…8 backyard hens, 7 Chakra gems, 6 craft beers, 5 solar panels, 4 sea turtles, 3 rain barrels, 2 milkweed plants and a live Christmas tree!

I think it was about 4 years ago that I bought my first eggs from a local farm. These days I have to get to the Farmers’ Market early or the eggs are gone…the word has obviously gotten out! Now I hear so many people talking about raising hens and have read a number of articles about a return to “urban farming” (love this National Geographic article) not only for produce but also for the hens and fresh eggs. On several “homes tours” in my area I have been surprised by the number of homes that actually have hen coops in the yards….some of them quite elaborate!

Photo: Steven L Johnson Backyard Hens

While researching backyard hens, since my knowledge is minimal, I came across an interesting article about the trend to backyard hens after the 2010 egg recall when 500,000 eggs were infected with salmonella. In his well written article James McWilliams discusses several of the positives and negatives of raising hens. You can read James’ entire article written by clicking here. To learn even more about backyard chickens be sure to read the comments and replies after his article.

If you are seriously considering raising hens you definitely want to watch this “hencam” set up with 2 cameras in an indoor hen-house and their “patio”. A California couple, Lee and Don share their six hens, all with names and personalities, with anyone who is interested. Although I am not at the point of raising hens I did find the webcam and the website to be very informative!

So, on this eighth day of a Green Christmas and the first day of 2015 as you think about some New Year’s aspirations, maybe hens are in the mix somewhere? Happy New Year and happy clucking…that is what hens do isn’t it?

If you are reading this post as the first you might be wondering what the heck I am doing talking about the twelve days of Christmas after Christmas.  Follow this link and I’ll explain the reason for my posts.



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