The Twelve Days of A Green Christmas – Sixth Day

On the sixth day of Christmas my green friend gave to me…6 craft beers, 5 solar panels, 4 sea turtles, 3 rain barrels, 2 milkweed plants and a live Christmas tree!

Oh my green friend knows how much I enjoy locally crafted beers!  Not only do local micro-breweries reduce the transportation and related carbon emissions factors but they create jobs in a town that may otherwise have a high unemployment rate.  These are all good things!

Photo: CraftBeer: Celebrating the Best of American Beer. “T’was the Night After Christmas” by Andy Skelton

There are a number of people creating “home brews” and turning out some pretty good stuff, some better known than others.  And then there are those that venture into a beer business.  The good news is most of these beers are quite tasty! In my town we have an annual beer-tasting event which draws breweries from all around Florida.  I always enjoy this tasting event because I learn about beers I may not otherwise have known about.

The featured picture is from a website I happened upon that had a great “beer” after-Christmas greeting by Andy Skelton which you might enjoy..I found it very entertaining and hope you will take the time to read the clever verses!

Needless to say I am thrilled about the gift my green friend gave to me – a six-pack of a new locally brewed beer that I probably would not have known about!

If you are reading this post as the first you might be wondering what the heck I am doing talking about the twelve days of Christmas after Christmas.  Follow this link and I’ll explain the reason for my posts.



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