Nominate A Florida Builder Or Developer For The ENVY Award!

Do you know a green builder or developer in Florida who has done an outstanding job of creating an environmentally sensitive project?  Nominate him/her for a prestigious award that will let everyone know about his/her efforts for our environment. Every year for more than 20 years the Florida Realtors® have recognized the top commercial or residential environmental builder or developer who shows that responsible growth and protecting our environment can go hand in hand.  The award is popularly known as the “ENVY” Award.   

Summit East Technology Park, Photo: Florida Realtors

Last year the 2013 winner was Summit East Technology Park, a 117-acre commercial development in Tallahassee. Although the nominations close on July 8, 2014, there is still time for your local green builder or developer to be nominated.  There is no cost to nominate a builder or developer and each builder will more than likely have all the necessary documents available for their project.  For more information about the guidelines and submission for the ENVY award, call 407-438-1400, ext. 2326 or go to the Florida Realtors’ Media Center website.





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