Celebrate Earth Day on April 22 and Everyday!

Earth Day 2014 is “officially” tomorrow, but many cities around the world are celebrating this coming weekend with many different activities.  This year’s theme is Green Cities. Tomorrow would be a great day to celebrate with your own effort to help our planet  before joining others this weekend in community festivals. 


Sometime before the weekend take this EarthDay.org  fun quiz (click here or on the image) by “creating” your character and “moving” through town based on your normal routine. While the questions are thought-provoking the score at the end lets you know how many planets it takes to support your lifestyle.  What an eye-opener!  This is a good segue into this weekend’s activities!  My score was 3.2…what is yours and what will you change?

Whether you plan to participate on a large scale as a sponsor or vendor at an Earth Day Festival or plan on leaving your car parked for the day and using your bicycle for transportation or working in your garden, there are a lot of opportunities to take advantage of various special events. Typically I participate in a local festival as a vendor with a booth filled with information on energy-efficient homes for sale which reduce a homeowner’s utility bill, tips for retrofitting a home to help reduce utility costs and drought-tolerant landscaping.  This year I am handicapped with a broken arm and not able to set up a booth or carry pamphlets so I plan to attend a local event at the elementary school.  One of the events I always anticipate is the “shredding” event that one of our local companies provides.  Up to 2 boxes of documents will be shredded free which I always find useful as I am working on scanning tax returns and other legal documents.  I am planning on asking a neighbor to load my boxes in my car as well as some old electronics since there will also be a company that recycles those old computers and printers at the event.

Do something environmentally good for our planet and have a green day tomorrow and everyday!

Anything you would like to comment on or add?

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