Today Is World Rivers Day!

Help celebrate World Rivers Day today by spreading the word about the declining health of our rivers from industrial pollution.  One person does make a difference!

One person to make a difference through sharing his photographs of rivers is Jeff Rich.  Enjoy his outstanding photos and don’t miss his article:

Jeff Rich’s Watershed Project:  Click on image to view the rest of his pictures.

Click on this link or the picture above to view Jeff Rich: Watershed Project

From Jeff Rich about tackling his huge “Watershed Project” :

“The whole project is about awareness,” says Rich, an assistant professor of photography at the University of Iowa. “It’s about helping people understand how a watershed is just an organization of smaller parts.”

A watershed is the name for an exit point of a basin that collects surface water from rain or melting ice. Many big rivers such as the Mississippi and the Amazon have them. Rich chose to start the project with the 213-mile-long French Broad river since it was close to his home in Asheville, North Carolina. To get a sense for who and what mattered in terms of his three categories, Rich contacted Hartwell Carson, the French Broad river keeper and part of an environmental organization called the Waterkeeper Alliance, which was founded in 1999 with the purpose of helping local communities protect their regional water resources.

Jeff added to my perspective of our rivers, may he change yours!

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