Oh No…The HOA Didn’t Like the Judge’s Ruling on the FFL Case!

I suppose anyone reading this who has been following the lawsuits and threats against homeowners who wish to install FFL (Florida Friendly Landscape) is probably not surprised to read today’s headline!

In case you haven’t read any of my previous articles, including my most recent one about a victory,  the Duval County couple who was sued after submitting their FFL plans and installing their drought-tolerant landscape, you can refer to my archives and search for HOA or FFL or just follow the two links in this sentence.  The Defense attorney and the homeowners thought there might be some noise from the HOA’s attorney about the ruling and so, after the Judge’s ruling in favor of the homeowners early last week, the week ended with a motion for a re-hearing filed by the HOA attorney!   Stay tuned and I will let everyone know what the points of this motion are when I am able to write about them.

Click here to read about Florida Friendly Landscape (FFL) and the 9 principles for a low-impact landscape. Or better yet, click here to watch an outstanding video of a successful community (River Forest) in Central Florida that was actually designed to “merge” with nature with low impact!

6 thoughts on “Oh No…The HOA Didn’t Like the Judge’s Ruling on the FFL Case!

  1. What makes so many people shove what they want down everyone’s throat, whether a government or HOA leader? It is really getting ridiculous, and for the name of vanity. People reducing impacts should never be persecuted on any level.

    I would like to see a research paper, a study, a survey, or really any kind of metrics that indicates unkempt yards drop property values in a neighborhood, let alone drought tolerant or edible landscapes which are typically kept. A neighborhood with a majority of unkempt yards will have much more issues that drop property values than the yards, such as crime or impoverished.

    However, there are many new resources indicating that drought tolerant, edible, and other sustainable landscapes increase buyer interest and the value of that particular property. Claiming that other properties impact your own property value is clearly a mental position that needs to be overcome, the Serenity Prayer maybe a good place to start for them.

    If HOA’s keep up these kinds of illogical, impractical, and costly lawsuits/battles then they will soon be out of business. It is a popularity/beauty contest anyhow.

    Thank you to all the sensible and sustainable yard owners leading the way by example and not letting persecution stop your constitutional and God given rights. Even more thanks to those who continue to take on that persecution with education and peaceful responses, not retaliation or anger.

    There will continue to be more petitions with more signatures. Each time they take us to hearings, they only hurt their own cause by bringing more education to more people. Thanks to Change.org and Causes.com for our new powerful tool. Because of them, our front yard garden will stay too.

    J & J


  2. Its Directors on this Board that give Home Owner Associations and Condominium Associations a bad name. They see what they want to see and as stated in the article, pick and choose the portions of the statute and CCR’s that they think applies favorably to them. What a shameful waste of everyone’s time and money. I agree with JAX CAM… recall’em!


    1. I totally agree…a few bad apples give the rest a bad name. I can’t believe other residents are not concerned about the expenditures of the HOA Board! No wonder people think twice about living in a community with HOA rules and a Board…it’s become arbitrary…


  3. If the HOA was paying all the court costs, they would think twice about pursuing this. Maybe now the homeowners should countersue for breach of fiduciary duty.


    1. Well they had to pay their own court costs/expenses the first go around…now the residents will wonder about all the legal fees when the annual expenses are reviewed. And what’s so strange is they never filed a lawsuit against another resident who installed the first FFL yard including the right of way…oh, that was because the resident was in a small cul de sac that they figured would never be seen…


    2. What a joke and waste of resources. That attorney should be reported to the FL Bar if he is a member. The homeowners are probably in the dark. As far as the HOA the case is client privilege material, however, defendant should mobilize community to recall board.


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