Sustainable Energy for Green Business Around the World

I’m pleased to publish this article on Sustainable Energy from a guest writer, Sam Marquit.  Sam is an independent “green” contractor and co-author of Fair Marquit Value, a blog on sustainability with guest authors as well.

Sam submitted an article to me which follows along with what I have been trying to introduce to Bed and Breakfast Inns at various speaking engagements…the concept of greening their businesses.  For some of the smaller properties it is much harder to get across so I hope Sam’s article will catch the attention of a few more  than I have in the past. 

I hope you enjoy reading Sam’s thoughts on green businesses especially as they relate to the hospitality industry:

“Being a commercial contractor gives me access to all sorts of green materials. Businesses are working harder than ever to become LEED certified. However, many of them don’t realize that just by taking some extra steps, they could really change the outcome of our planet’s future. There are many ways in which organizations; travel businesses and initiatives all over this world are trying to change the way that businesses consider green policies. It’s becoming one of the biggest recent movements in the tourism industry.

By using economic power, Green America hopes to change the way that businesses view their responsibilities to local communities, employees and the environment. These corporate responsibility tactics actually give businesses better economic power. Green America promotes those businesses, which give something back to the planet and society that is helpful. They send information on these businesses to investors, consumers, business owners and other members of the global marketplace in order to make a difference. In addition, Green America works with organizations around the world to create sustainable communities.

The Ritz-Carlton is a recognized named in luxury hotel chains. However, this luxury hotel wanted to do something different for the planet. They opted for low flow showerheads and toilets, as well as recyclable products. However, their biggest achievement was creating a rooftop garden that houses over 60,000 bees, which help pollinate the local plants. This hotel really recognized an issue in the displacement of bees and wanted to do something to make up for that environmental imposition. That’s really innovative and unique to the tourism industry.

All kinds of people travel to Vegas for the fun, excitement and thrill of casinos, gambling, lavish hotels and unique entertainment. You also find a lot of hotels that are trying more eco-friendly policies. However, one stands out as the “Most Eco-Friendly Hotel in America.” The Las Vegas Palazzo Hotel and Resort offers a facility that uses solar heat energy systems, water reuse programs and waste recycling as well as eco-friendly products. This should be something that every hotel tries to implement in order to help the planet and spread a culture of conservation.

I’m inspired by what these organizations are doing and hopefully can help other businesses that I work with see the difference that they can make. It is important for these businesses to continue to innovate the industry, much like the new green Las Vegas hotels are doing. The planet will be in a much better place environmentally should this trend continue.”

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