European Study Links GMOs To Tumors

If you’ve read any of my articles you know I have been writing against Genetically Modified (GM) foods and seeds for the past 2 years.  Monsanto’s successful efforts to defeat labeling of GMOs in our foods has brought about an uprising of consumers who are taking control of their own health through awareness of the foods they eat.  

Photo: Care2: Healthy Living – GM Corn

As mentioned in my Proposition 37’s defeat article, more than 50 countries require labeling of GMOs yet the US is does not require GM ingredients to be shown on food labels.  Monsanto, the company that manufactured Agent Orange during the Vietnam War, developed Round-Up tolerant GM corn which has been linked to tumors in a 2-year study completed by scientists at the University of Caen, Institute of Biology, in France.  In the study, as published in the Food Chemical Toxicology, scientists found severe effects of GM corn even when the pesticide Round-Up was used resulting in large tumors.

The 2-year study used rats to determine health effects of eating GM corn.  In both males and females, the death rate was two to three times higher in those who ate the GM corn.  You can read more of the side effects in Michelle Schoffro Cook’s article in Care2 Healthy Living for an easier-to-understand version by clicking here.

What can you do to help keep your children and families healthier?

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