A Loss Turns Into A Win For Consumers!

California’s Proposition 37 which was to require labeling of GMOs in our food failed by a narrow margin.  Following California’s lead the State of Washington introduced Initiative 522 (I-522) which has not been voted on yet and now the State of Pennsylvania is the next State to address GMOs and labeling. Notwithstanding the defeat of Proposition 37, government policy makers are jumping on the Label GMO bandwagon while many retailers are banding together to make a difference for the benefit of consumers.

No-GE-SeafoodAccording to an article in today’s Environmental Leader several retailers across the US have pledged to ban the sales of GMO fish if the FDA approves the genetically modified fish.  Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s, along with Aldi, PCC Natural Markets, Marsh Markets and co-ops in New York, Minnesota, California and Kansas have all joined efforts to ban the sales of GE modified salmon (the first one to be considered by the FDA) and any other fish that may be approved by the FDA.  These companies represent over 2,000 retail stores across the country.

This move is a result of the Campaign for Genetically Engineered-Free Seafood, launched yesterday by a coalition led by Friends of the Earth.  So what began as a defeat is turning into a win for GMO-conscious consumers.

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