Soapbox Sunday….

In a recent conversation with a friend I learned about a woman who has been given months to live after being diagnosed with an aggressive type of breast cancer.  My friend exclaimed “I don’t understand it, she eats healthy, doesn’t drink sodas, exercises regularly, isn’t overweight, doesn’t smoke and now she’s dying of breast cancer…why am I working so hard to stay healthy if I  probably will end up being diagnosed with some form of cancer?”

It is always hard to understand why a seemingly healthy person is suddenly diagnosed with a fatal or life threatening condition.  As I told my friend, there are so many other factors, including the air and chemicals we breathe, that contribute to our wellness these days that we need to be vigilant about everything, including the plastics we use for drinking and storage, that we voluntarily introduce to our bodies.   I asked “As an example, what type of deodorant do you use” to which she replied with the name of a well known brand of anti-perspirant which contains ethylene oxide, dimethicone and other ingredients which can cause organ disruption and can interfere with our endocrine system.  One needs to realize that since most women shave their under-arms toxic chemicals are easily absorbed into the skin.  The same is true with shaving legs and applying body lotion.  If the products you have used for years and years have toxic ingredients your body has been accumulating those chemicals (bioaccumulation) which have to be stored somewhere internally.

I chose to use natural deodorants in the 70’s and have kept that practice throughout the years although I did not think about the fluoride in toothpaste, body lotions, fragrances, cosmetics, shampoos, hair coloring, sunscreens and various other personal products until more recently.  In the mid 2000’s I learned about the Environmental Working Group (EWG), which originally was founded in 1993.  Once I discovered this non-profit research group that publishes guides to everyday products we use I began using their product guides before adding a new product to my regime.  There are many opponents of EWG but I feel the more information I can garner the better decisions I can make as I take control of my own health.

Don’t forget to tell me your thoughts or send me an article for another Soapbox Sunday.  Until next time I hope you have a healthy week!

2 thoughts on “Soapbox Sunday….

    1. Thanks for your comment Frances. Yes, there definitely is a lot of food for thought when it comes to all the chemicals we put into our bodies! I’m very sorry to say the woman I wrote about did pass on Tuesday. Every time I hear of someone succumbing to cancer I give myself another wake-up call to be more vigilant about things my body is telling me. I am so glad you now know about the EWG link!


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