Soapbox Sunday!

I was thinking “Soapbox Sunday” would be a good name for Sunday articles about a cause, concerns, opinions or whatever.  As my friend Roxy always says about injustices, “that’s just not right!”…and we all have had something happen when we said  “what was that?”.  So I welcome your story to be submitted for a possible article on a Soapbox Sunday.

If you’ve read some of my articles you know how I feel about GM stuff, Monsanto, Florida Friendly Yards etc., so I’ll start this Soapbox Sunday with: I no longer have health insurance!  I think the last time I didn’t have health insurance was when I was 21 or 22, right after I was no longer covered on my parents’ insurance.  So here it is decades later and I dropped my $700+/month health insurance with a $3200 deductible with Uni— Hea—— because  with only $352 of medical expenses last year who can afford it?  My policy was fairly reasonable until 2008 when, after an accident that was the other driver’s fault, I ended up having to have arthroscopic knee surgery followed by a total knee replacement.

Birthdays were fun until I started receiving those annual letters that basically said “Oh, we’re sorry, but due to the cost of healthcare services your premium has now been raised to $$$ AND your deductible has now increased to $$$$, but don’t worry this won’t take effect until your next payment”…oh joy!…that’s how I arrived at over $700 a month for an individual health insurance plan!

So when a good friend of mine was telling me how she had to drop her health insurance after a mastectomy when her premiums went sky-high I listened intently.  She ended up getting a policy under the government healthcare plan and is now paying around $300 some a month with a low deductible and little to no-copay when she visits her doctor.  Whoa…are you kidding me I exclaimed…what’s that website?  She told me to take a look at to find out more information.  I went to their website and, in my case, I was able to find insurance for about $400/month with a lower deductible making it more affordable.  Imagine my surprise when I looked at the insurance provider and found it to be the same Uni— Hea——- company with the same providers!!  That’s when I dropped my health insurance!  Why can this same health insurance company be charging me over $700 a month with a $3200  deductible and under the government plan charge me app. $400 a month with a lower deductible?  That’s just not right!!!

Happy Sunday!

4 thoughts on “Soapbox Sunday!

  1. Insurance Companies make an incredible profit and are one of the reasons American health care is so expensive. Because it’s not right, President Obama pushed the much hated Affordable Care Act to enactment. Hopefully, it will begin to bring about some equity.


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