Healthy Changes Forecast for 2013

By the end of January many have forgotten New Year’s resolutions that were made last year or in early January.  Now with the holidays a distant memory you can again focus on those “good-for-you” things you wanted to work on this year…

Although not forgotten, my energy to implement desired changes earlier this month seemed to be side-lined by the Twelve Days of a Green Christmas which I now know (thanks to the research for my blog posts) end on the 5th of January.  Actually, with the Twelve Days of Christmas ending in the new year, I found myself more relaxed through the holiday season while not getting caught up in the hubbub of Christmas.  So here it is the end of January and I’m ready to put my resolutions into action!

If you’ve read many of my posts you already know I am passionate about freedom of choice, so several of my resolutions deal with causes I’ve written about only now I intend to make even more efforts toward my goals.  One of my biggest concerns is labeling of GM/GMO’s in the food I consume and getting the message across to large Agribusinesses that dump ridiculous amounts of money ($46,000,000) into campaigns to thwart any required labeling of GMOs.

In a conversation with an intelligent, extremely fit, health-conscious 75-year-old gentlemen, I asked his thoughts about labeling GMOs.  He replied it how great there is now a law requiring labeling of GMO’s so he could make choices about the food he buys.  I told him Proposition 37 had been defeated by a narrow margin in California and many of the corporate giants, i.e. Coca Cola, PepsiCo, Kraft, Kellogg’s, supporting Monsanto were continuing to produce misleading advertising about GE (genetically engineered) high fructose use in diet sodas, children’s cereals and alarmingly, in products manufactured in their so-called “natural” lines, i.e. Kashi, Back to Nature and Honest Tea to name a few.  This conversation made me realize the awareness of GM labeling in “natural” foods still has a long way to go as I feel certain this man is not the only one who was unaware Proposition 37 did not pass.

Infographic: Cornucopia Institute (click on image to enlarge)

One of my resolutions is to take action wherever I can.  This infographic from Cornucopia (click image to enlarge) shows the highest dollar contributors in defeating Prop 37 and some of their “natural” product lines.  I just downloaded an app that allows me access a list of these companies as well as the organic companies I do want to support.  I no longer buy any products the large GM-supporting companies listed.  I also owned a small amount of stock in Coca Cola which I just sold because I no longer believe the company has values similar to mine and continues to mislead the public about the relationship of aspartame in diet sodas and our nation’s obesity problems.

You might think I won’t make a difference with my actions, yet as more and more are acting on their concerns and beliefs, news articles are emerging about companies that are implementing changes to ingredients in their products or voluntarily labeling them.  It may be small victories yet snowballs get bigger as they roll!  Are you doing anything like being more aware of what you buy for your family, signing a petition, spreading the word?  Tell me about your efforts…I’m sure there are more actions I can take.

4 thoughts on “Healthy Changes Forecast for 2013

  1. Hi–I work for Honest Tea and just wanted to let you know that we do not use any GMO ingredients in our beverages, nor do we use high fructose corn syrup. All of our bottles have a logo that reads “NO GMOs.”



    1. Hi Joanna,

      Thank you for your comment. If you feel certain Honest Tea does not use any GMO ingredients I would suggest contacting the Cornucopia Institute, asking them to take a look at the product again and removing Honest Tea from the GMO side of their infographic. Have you spoken with the management of Honest tea to find out if they have talked with the Cornucopia people about possible incorrect identification? I would be curious to know if your management team has done anything proactive about removing their name from the infographic GMO side.


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