Frank Lloyd Wright House In Phoenix, AZ Is Saved!

Photo: Save the Frank Lloyd Wright House (Phoenix, AZ)

Recently an article about a developer who purchased a home Frank Lloyd Wright built for his son in Phoenix, AZ.  was soon to be demolished and a new community would arise in its’ place.  A lot of people were outraged that an American icon’s work would be demolished rather than restored.

Interestingly, a number of quick-thinking individuals, concerned about saving the house from demolition, formed and started a petition on  Someone learned of this planned demolition and stepped forward to purchase the house for $2.4 million.  The anonymous buyer plans to restore and preserve this historic landmark which is great news for all the Frank Lloyd Wright architecture fans!  Many thanks to the benevolent buyer of this 1952 property in Phoenix!  My hopes are the house will be restored and shared with the public like my favorite FallingWater in Beaver Falls, PA.

“The greenest house is the one that already exists.”

One thought on “Frank Lloyd Wright House In Phoenix, AZ Is Saved!

  1. Unfortunately the sale on this house fell through over the weekend. Hopefully another buyer will surface to restore this FLW icon to the Phoenix area.


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