The Yard Next Door!

FFL Gold Yard September, 2012 Photo: Jules Sidle

Last week I had the opportunity to visit the Sidles in Jacksonville and see their FFL Gold (Florida Friendly Landscape) 2-year-old installation.  This picture really doesn’t do the landscape justice.  I could not believe how beautiful everything looked and how the perennial peanut looked with lush green leaves and the happiest yellow-orange little flowers!  This is the yard I would love to have as my own or next door!  It’s hard to believe the HOA has filed a lawsuit for the strip between the sidewalk and the street.

Marsh Sound HOA approved landscaping

About 6 lots down, on the same road, is this yard which has been like this for years and is obviously approved by the Marsh Sound HOA.  I’ve walked my dog down this street and almost fallen after sliding on the rocks that sit in the curb and fall over on the sidewalk.  This is not a yard I would want nor is it one I would like to see next door, yet it was approved!

Marsh Sound HOA Approved FFL Yard

Now here is another FFL yard in Marsh Sound that is in a cul de sac.  This yard was installed a couple years prior to the Sidles’ installation and was allowed by the HOA.  It is a FFL certified yard but not Gold certified which was required of the Sidles.  Note the “common” area next to the street…landscaped with shrubs, not St. Augustine grass!  No lawsuit against these homeowners…makes you wonder why a lawsuit against the Sidles.

I would like to ask any of you who have not signed the petition to the Marsh Sound HOA to please sign.  Basically it says the HOA should drop the lawsuit against the Sidles and quit wasting the homeowners’ HOA fees on attorneys.  Thank you to all those who have signed – we still need more signatures (wherever you live).  Click here to go directly to the petition or click on the petition to the right of this article.  Post it to your FB page or send this article to your friends.  Grass Roots efforts have had an impact for many causes and this petition could help not only the Sidles but other HOAs in opening their eyes to allow drought-tolerant yards!

3 thoughts on “The Yard Next Door!

  1. Keep fighting the good fight Jeannette! The Sidles’ yard looks fantastic. I am very plesed with the perennial peanut in particular!


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