Dr. Mercola Is On The FFL Bandwagon!

Well, Dr. Mercola is not exactly on the  FFL (Florida Friendly Landscape) bandwagon, but I found it quite interesting that one of his recent articles dealt with homeowners’ rights to grow something other than green grass in their front yards.  Dr. Mercola normally writes some very good medical and nutritional articles related to healthy living.  

If you haven’t heard about the Quebec couple who is being threatened with fines by city officials for growing vegetables in their front yard you may enjoy reading Dr. Mercola’s article referencing homeowners all around the US and Canada who have been forced to remove their vegetable gardens or receive fines or even jail time.  This just goes to show that narrow-minded people are not just HOA Board members but also members of city governments.  FOLLOW THE RULES…who cares if we are depleting or destroying our limited natural resources and not encouraging reproduction of bees, dragonflies, etc.?  This article made me want to start a vegetable garden in my front yard to show people how pretty vegetable plants in a garden really are!  Many of our backyard vegetable gardens are very well manicured and would make excellent examples for front yard gardening .

Dr. Mercola’s article certainly made me realize narrow-minded ideas on what front yards should look like are not limited to HOA Boards and extend so much further…to our “conditioning” and childhoods.  Here’s what Wikipedia said about front yards:  “In North America today, a yard can be any part of a property surrounding or associated with a house or other residential structure, usually (although not necessarily) separate from a garden (where plant maintenance is more formalized). A yard will typically consist mostly of lawn or play area.  In North America, the term ‘garden’ refers only to the area that contains plots of vegetables, herbs, flowers, and/or ornamental plants; and the term ‘yard’ does not refer to the ‘garden’, although the flower garden or vegetable garden may be within the yard.”   Pretty amazing isn’t it?  Of course in Europe, front yards incorporate vegetable gardens and no one bats an eye!

Click here to read Dr. Mercola’s article on homeowners’ rights for front yard vegetable gardens.

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