It doesn’t get much greener…

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I try to walk on the beach more often these days as loggerhead sea turtles have been laying their eggs for months and some of the earlier nests are producing little hatchlings.  The State Park where I walk already has 33 nests this year with hopefully more to come.  I learned from the Park Ranger that the year of the BP oil spill our park had over 83 nests which is the most so far…an interesting fact with no real conclusions other than the sea animals might have figured out the toxicity much faster than the birds.

At 8 AM I was a little late for yesterday’s walk yet I did manage to see one lone sea turtle making its way to the ocean from nest #13.  Apparently this was a premature hatchling as nest #7 had produced 92 turtles (from counted tracks)  in the wee hours of Sunday morning and #8 is supposed to be the next nest for the hatchlings.  I learned from the the ranger even though #7 had produced a large number of hatchlings they wait 2 more days in case there are any reluctant or struggling hatchlings that may still emerge before they determine that nest is empty.

I’ve added my short video of the this little sea turtle at the beginning of its long journey which you can view by either clicking on the picture above or clicking here. Notice the size of the turtle next to the footprint at the very beginning.

If you haven’t watched the film Turtle: An Incredible Journey I would highly recommend it as an absolutely amazing story for adults and children.  I never realized the journey a loggerhead sea turtle takes during its lifetime after entering the ocean that first day to the day she returns to lay her eggs.   As I said…”it doesn’t get much greener than this…”!

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