Penalized for reducing fossil fuel usage!

Over the years I have accumulated several vehicles since I seem to get attached to them.  Now that I am working harder to become a more sustainable individual I am attempting to “recycle” my belongings including vehicles.

A couple weeks ago I turned over the keys of one of my vehicles to a couple who needed a 7-passenger mid-size SUV.  I had decided to “recycle” my car since I haven’t been “carting” people around much anymore and really didn’t need it.  I couldn’t wait to call my insurance company and tell them I had just eliminated one of the number of vehicles that I had insured with them.

The result of my conversation with my insurance company, Geico General, was that my premium on my old truck was increasing $160 a year!  Surpised I asked why the premium was going up so much.  Well, apparently I no longer have a “multi-car” discount available to me.  It didn’t seem to matter that I have 3 other policies with Geico, including a motor scooter, I just no longer have 2 cars!

Wouldn’t it be nice, or should I say responsible, if insurance companies rewarded people for reducing their carbon footprints and fossil fuel usage?  Oh, but of course, it’s about making lots of money, not helping to clean up the environment!  Now every time I see an insurance company touting how “green” they are because they reduced their expenses by handling payments online, I just laugh because I view this as one of the highest forms of “green-washed” marketing around!

The insurance companies have discounts for good driving, defensive driving courses, multi-car, seat-belts, anti-theft devices and on and on, but nothing for reducing carbon emissions or fuel dependency.  If I ran an insurance company and truly wanted to help the planet I would add more discounts for electric or hybrid cars and single-car families who use other modes of transportation like bicycles, scooters or just walking to work.   Insurance companies need to wake up and change the way they are doing things instead of just increasing premiums.

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