Monsanto’s GMOs vs. the EPA, Organic Farmers and Consumers

Guess who’s in the news again!  For those who have read my posts, it’s pretty evident I am totally against GMOs, as an unlabeled ingredient in the foods we eat (follow links to previous posts), as an insecticide/pesticide/herbicide that encourages super-weeds, the detrimental health effects and birth defects that developed from the use of Agent Orange in Vietnam over 50 years ago and the government subsidies that benefit the developer of the new super-weeds, super-giant Monsanto.  I found a link to the long list of  former Monsanto employees who now work or did work for the government (click on Government Ties excerpt)…very interesting indeed…no wonder Monsanto has been able to forge ahead with government support!

In the latest Reuters News article scientists are warning the EPA about the growing problem of the proliferation of the corn root-worm in one of the most widely grown crops.  Monsanto’s “Cry3Bb1” seed in 2003 became popular among farmers who bought the more expensive GM seed in order not to use insecticides against the root-worm.  Instead they have found the GM corn to have lost its’ effectiveness in warding off the targeted pest and are hesitant to add insecticides into the soil to combat these crop-destroying pests as the consequences are still unknown.  Click here to read the entire article written by Carey Gillam for Reuters News.

I was pretty disappointed to learn the Gates Foundation continues to donate millions to Monsanto to increase the use of their GMO seeds in third world countries…maybe the hiring of Monsanto’s Vice President in 2006 had something to do with it.  If you don’t like what’s happening with Monsanto’s control over the government, GM seeds and unlabeled GM ingredients, now is the time to voice you thoughts by joining efforts by signing the petition at Organic Consumers’ Millions Against Monsanto .  California is set to become the first state to pass a bill requiring GM ingredients to be labelled only accomplished by millions of consumers standing up for their health.

There are protests scheduled around the world on March 16 and 17th at Monsanto facilities if you are interested in participating check locations at

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