Honeybees Are Rapidly Disappearing

Photo: Alamy

In earlier articles I have shared the value of honey in facial treatments, medicinal qualities and various other uses as well as information about illegally imported honey.  If you are a honey lover like myself you might be aware of the escalating prices for honeybee nectar.

There has been much talk about bee “colony collapse” and scientists have been researching causes for several years.  Most believe the pesticides used on plants may linger in the flower’s nectar only to be ingested by the bees.  It has been suggested young bees’ immune systems become disrupted and cause disorientation leading to the abandonment of colonies.

Researchers now believe a new generation of pesticides may be even more catastrophic to the bee populations of the world.  Click here to read Tamara Cohen’s article in MailToday.com on the new generation of pesticides.

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