Superbowl XLVI Goes Green!

Photo: Flickr/compujeramey

Whether you plan to watch the Superbowl or not, the environmental impact of this worldwide event is incredible.  For almost the past 20 years, the NFL has been investing in green initiatives and this year’s Superbowl will be even greener!

One of the earlier happenings in preparation of this year’s Bowl was the removal, dismantling and recycling of the Packers scoreboard, replacing it with a new 100 foot wide video screen.  The Packers planned  to recycle the old screen including steel, aluminum, vinyl, ad panels, wiring, circuit boards, LED displays and lighting fixtures – by disassembling the old board piece by piece.

Super Bowl XLVI will be powered by 15 million kilowatt hours of renewable energy, provided by Green Mountain Energy Company. Sourcing game-day power from renewables avoids more than 29 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions, according to Green Mountain Energy.

The green energy firm also offset greenhouse gas emissions associated with both teams’ travels, installed a residential solar array and planted 1,700 trees in urban Indianapolis.  See Green Mountain Energy’s infographic below to appreciate more of this year’s Superbowl green initiatives!

Super Bowl XLVI Goes Green | Green Mountain Energy Company

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