Making a Difference

Recently we saw the power of the public and internet in turning a proposed Senate bill, Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) into a bill no Senator or Congressman wanted to even discuss.  As a result this poor attempt at addressing internet piracy will be researched further before introducing another bill.  The January 18, 2012 black-outs on company and individual websites made this protest the largest internet protest in history!

If you don’t think you make a difference, think again…you do!  Now the FDA is reviewing a petition submitted in September, 2011 by the Food Safety Center on behalf of several organizations.  “Just Label It” addresses the labeling of genetically engineered in the food we eat.  One of my earlier posts discusses the companies behind the GE foods, like Monsanto, who are campaigning with big dollars to encourage the FDA to dismiss this petition and keep the GE ingredients “invisible” on food labels.

You may or may not care whether you are consuming genetically engineered ingredients, where research of the effects on your health is minimal but there are millions who do care about what they eat and want to preserve our right to make choices about the food we eat.  The Environmental Working Group (EWG) is one of the organizations providing email “letters” to the FDA asking them to grant the  petition to have genetically engineered/genetically modified ingredients listed on food labels.

Yes, after signing a letter to the FDA, EWG does ask for a small donation to support their research but instead you can also “donate” to the EWG by using their website link to purchase products from  The cost is the same for your Amazon items as it is going directly to, but will donate a portion of your sale to the EWG.  Click here to bookmark the link to Amazon, on the right side of EWG’s home page, on your computer to use when you buy products.

If you would like to learn more about the FDA petition or would like to email a letter to the FDA urging them to grant the petition, click here to watch a video about “Just Label It”.

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