Eco-awareness…a mindset!

Holiday gift tags

Walking my dog around the neighborhood this week has been a “New Year” eye-opening experience.  Even though most folks make an effort to reduce landfill waste by recycling I was disappointed on my “garbage day” walk this week.  There were multiple garbage cans by the street, stuffed with compostable cardboard boxes, bottles, cans, gift cards, wrapping paper and more items that could have easily been in the next day’s recycling bin 😦  I had hopes these households had filled their recycle bins to the brim and just didn’t have any more room.  Unfortunately, the following day’s recycle bins at these same houses were half full at best!

Re-purposed greeting cards

GreenGail introduced me to a good use for old Christmas cards. I used to hold on to holiday cards because I hated tossing them. Instead of buying name tags next year I used “pinking” shears to cut out portions of the greeting cards to attach to gifts next year.  Did you find other creative uses for typically tossed holiday items?  Share them in the comments below.  Thanks for the new greeting card use GreenGail!

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