A Gift For All!

Photo: Ross D. Franklin/AP - Navajo Generating Station-Page, AZ

With the help of more than 900,000 public comments, the EPA issued the first Mercury and Air Toxic Standards for all coal and oil-fired power plants yesterday!  Twenty years overdue (the Clean Air Act of 1990), the new emissions rule will protect American families from dangerous toxins like mercury, arsenic, acid gas, nickel, selenium and cyanide currently emitted from power plants and reduce the number of illnesses, premature deaths, cancers, childhood asthma and many other maladies.  I think this is a great start into a cleaner and healthier 2012!

“By cutting emissions that are linked to developmental disorders and respiratory illnesses like asthma, these standards represent a major victory for clean air and public health– and especially for the health of our children. With these standards that were two decades in the making, EPA is rounding out a year of incredible progress on clean air in America with another action that will benefit the American people for years to come,” said EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson. “The Mercury and Air Toxics Standards will protect millions of families and children from harmful and costly air pollution and provide the American people with health benefits that far outweigh the costs of compliance.”

Click here to read EPA’s press release on this monumental emissions standard…

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