Eco-friendly Holiday Travel Tips

Even if you are not involved with, a website promoting greener life habits, these eco-friendly travel tips will still help you become more environmentally aware.  From

*Choose a train over a plane for a short trip and earn 50 points, plus you’ll be one step closer to earning the Conscious Consumer badge sponsored by our partner Climate Counts

*Fly an airline that has taken steps to reduce their impact on the environment, go up 5 points

*Drive instead of flying for a short trip (20 points)

*As long as you’re driving, fill the car with friends and family (50 points), drive a car like a hybrid that gets good gas mileage (100 points), inflate your tires before hitting the road (20 points), and drive the speed limit (50 more points)

*For holiday parties in town, walking, biking, taking public transportation, and carpooling (especially with a designated driver) are the climate-friendliest options.

These are just a few ideas from, add your ideas in the comment section below or visit to see how you measure in a greener world or to check a company, product or service that you use or plan to buy.

Anything you would like to comment on or add?

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