Too Much Sugar In Your Cereal?


With so much emphasis on childhood diabetes, overweight children and the unhealthy foods served in school cafeterias, what about the breakfasts children (or you) eat?  Mornings are usually a mad rush to get everyone out the door on time and breakfast is often viewed as a “filler” until lunch.  If cereal is part of your child’s, or your, breakfast routine are you aware of the amount of sugar in those cereals?

From the Environmental Working Group (  Popular brands pack more sugar than snack cakes and cookies.  Kellogg’s Honey Smacks, at nearly 56 percent sugar by weight, leads the list of high-sugar cereals, according to EWG’s analysis.  A one-cup serving of Honey Smacks packs more sugar than a Hostess Twinkie, and one cup of any of 44 other children’s cereals has more sugar than three Chips Ahoy! cookies.  Most children’s cereals fail to meet the federal government’s proposed voluntary guidelines for foods nutritious enough to be marketed to children. Sugar is the top problem, but many also contain too much sodium or fat or not enough whole grain.  Click here to read EWG’s review of 84 cereals….

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