More ways to green yourself!

Digital Card from Punchbowl

I continue my efforts to waste less and find greener ways to do things.  I’m already a paperless office, send very few paper letters, no overnight shipping, recycle what I can, drop single use batteries off at a center, receive online bills and ride my scooter (74 mpg), bike or walk whenever possible.  Yet when it comes to birthdays, holidays, etc I still had been sending paper cards.

I have used e-cards, although infrequently, because I just didn’t like the feel of them.  Recently I discovered Punchbowl which is a free online digital card website.  The neat thing about these cards is you actually receive an envelope (online of course), the envelope opens and your personalized card appears with your personalized greeting inside.  These are some of the neatest cards I have seen!

I know some folks might be upset with receiving my digital cards, but my goal is to reduce my footprint as much as possible and paper cards just end up in the trash nine times out of 10!  I can add personal greetings to each card so I am still conveying my heartfelt wishes.

If you want to personalize your cards with pictures or logos there are paid versions available, but the free cards are really nice.  They also have free invitations for parties and other events that allow people to RSVP online while keeping tab of the number of people attending an event and several other options which I have not yet explored.  If you want to try out these free digital cards, I have created a link on my homepage as well as on the resource page of my blog.  Click on the Punchbowl  logo below to check out these free digital cards.


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