Do you know where the FOG is?

From - Photo:Flickr/jakesmome

Frying turkeys for Thanksgiving is becoming a widespread tradition.  But what do you do with the oil after you’ve fried a few turkeys and it’s time to discard?

While it may seem harmless to pour your used oil down the drain, dumping any amount of cooking oil into the sink can harm wildlife and damage local sewage systems. Grease clings to pipe walls in small particles that latch on to each other, leading to massive clogs over time – and not just in your kitchen sink.

Cooking oil and kitchen grease from residents and restaurants is the No. 1 cause of clogged sewer pipes, which costs cities big bucks. Water companies in  San Francisco clocks its oil clogs cleanup tally at a whopping $3.5 million per year.

Many cities and municipalities offer Fat, Oil, Grease (FOG) centers all year-long and others offer FOG locations after the holidays.  Many areas, like St. Johns County, use recycled oil to make bio-diesel fuel for county vehicles.  The UK is even heating homes with used cooking oil!

Instead of dumping your used oil into the ground or down the sink, find your FOG location easily by clicking on this link for’s zip-code search

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