Leesburg Homeowners Trade Turf for Florida Friendly Yard!

Photo: Orlando Sentinel

A Leesburg couple was able to transform their “green carpet” lawn into a more environmentally friendly yard with the blessings of their Homeowners Association!  It’s great to read these stories because it shows there are some HOAs out there that understand the need to reduce water consumption for landscapes.  This Leesburg community with over 2800 homes was informed by St. Johns Water Management District (SJRWMD))  that residents would have a 2013 deadline to cut water consumption by approximately 10,000 gallons a month per household!

The Leesburg couple who transformed their yard from a thirsty landscape into a yard of varied colored rocks and drought tolerant plants reduced their water consumption from 36,000 gallons/month to 12,000 gallons/month!.  Although most HOAs might not want many yards full of rocks, there are definitely options to provide a more drought tolerant green landscape.  The University of Florida’s IFAS Extension offers some of the best resources for implementing a Florida Friendly Landscape with drought tolerant and native plant choices.

Homeowner Associations can certainly work with residents to obtain a “green carpet” look while conserving our water supplies and reducing the toxins washing into our waterways.  This “hand in hand” approach will work with HOA Board members who understand the desperate need to save our water!  Your community may be next to be given a deadline by the St. Johns Water Management District to reduce water consumption.  Why not urge your HOA Board members to “get on board” before it is mandated?

Click here to read Amy Rippell’s complete article in the Orlando Sentinel….

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