Wishing You A Happy, BPA-Free Thanksgiving!

Photo: Breast Cancer Fund

As we rapidly descend upon Thanksgiving…I feel like it’s a rapid descent with all the Christmas decorations and gifts being thrust upon me in the media…I hope you elect to slow down and enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday before throwing yourself into Christmas.  I am determined to keep Thanksgiving alive in my world with a few rituals I have adopted this year.  I want to think greener and try being  greener.

If you have followed my posts you know I have become more of a Locavore since researching the topic  last year for a presentation this past January.  I did not really understand the Locavore concept yet occasionally bought a couple familiar vegetables at the weekly Farmers’ Market.  Since my research I have developed a taste for local, seasonal vegetables (I never ate kale prior to this year) and now buy all my produce at the Farmers’ Market based on what is available each season.

My friends, who are coming to Thanksgiving at my home, have asked for weeks “what’s on the menu?”.  I kept telling them I wouldn’t know until Saturday before Thanksgiving when I bought local veggies.  So here it is Monday and I have found my organic turkey and bought several veggies on Saturday. Since not everyone enjoys swiss chard like I do, I have chosen to make a couple vegetable dishes so everyone will have something they like.  And everyone is bringing a favorite dish to make this a “potluck” Thanksgiving.  It’s not about the food, it’s about the people you share it with!

So back to the BPA-free Thanksgiving…you probably thought I would never get to the subject 🙂  We all know someone who has breast cancer or is a breast cancer survivor and to reduce my chances of becoming a statistic I am careful about my food sources and how my food is prepared or re-heated.  I have eliminated almost all canned foods from my meal and I will not be using any plastic containers or wrap, especially for heating.  Are you planning to serve Ocean Spray canned Jellied Cranberry Sauce, Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom soup,  Green Giant Cut Green Beans, Del Monte Fresh Cut Sweet, Creamed Corn, Carnation Evaporated Milk or Nestle’s canned Pumpkin?  If so, you might want to click here and read some of the Breast Cancer Fund’s reports on BPA content.  Hopefully you will rethink a couple dishes and serve fresh instead.

I hope you have a healthy and happy Thanksgiving!

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