St. Augustine Florida Friendly Landscape Update

I have to begin by saying “Kudos” to the Zambranos, in St. Augustine, for holding fast to their commitment to create a Florida Friendly Yard…thank you! By far this was the most impressive appeal I have seen!  The supporting paperwork, pictorial renderings of the yard and their communication was great!

The ARC Appeal Hearing was held last evening and the attendance of his meeting was impressive. I know the Zambranos appreciated the support from everyone in attendance.  If you have attended an HOA ARC/ARB meeting you understand more than 4 or 5 people attending is an exception.  There were probably in excess of 20 people last evening!

I attended the meeting with the intention to offer support to the Zambranos and to diffuse any heated discussions that may have arisen.  This is the first ARC board since the Developer turned over the HOA to the homeowners.  This group of homeowners and the majority of the ARC committee members were fairly “open-minded” to everything discussed, very different from the HOA meetings in the Duval County community!  There were no heated discussions, no attempted “bullying”, just great questions from the ARC members and homeowners who do not know enough about about Florida Friendly Landscape principles, but were interested in hearing more!  I appreciated the opportunity to share some of my thoughts and answer some concerns that arose.

The Zambranos goal to create the first FFL certified yard in the community and set an example is admirable!  I am looking forward to heading back there to take pictures of the yard when completed.

It is apparent the education of HOAs, including the ARC/ARB members would be one of the best channels to get the word out to homeowners about what they can do as individuals to reduce their landscape expenses and help guard a very important natural resource, our water.  Get involved in your HOA or ARC by encouraging them to invite a FFL representative or Water Management District representative to present information and FFL principles at the next annual HOA meeting or even a HOA Board meeting.  It’s all about awareness and without these workshops or FFL yards in the community it will take much longer to spread the word.

6 thoughts on “St. Augustine Florida Friendly Landscape Update

  1. Excellent! We can all assume that Jennifer’s HOA is replicated many times in each county of Florida. It is one more victory. Unfortunately, there are many, many more people who will cave to the mind-numbing HOAs. Jennifer deserves TONS of credit for holding the line and doing the right thing. Her fellow homeowners should thank her for helping the HOA understand their boundaries. It was hard work. She’s a hero!


  2. Joe, thank you for all your support. And Jeannette, I do so appreciate your being there last night. The tone between the first meeting and the second was like night and day. You provided some great information to all present and obviously are an excellent resource to address ARC members concerns about FF and property values. In addition, Elaine of May Management did a great job of guiding and mediating the discussion. It was a combined effort, for sure. I do also thank all my neighbors who were able to attend in a show of support. I am going to start planting today!!!


  3. Well done Jeannette and to the Zambranos!!!!!!!
    Keep on teaching and spreading the word. Remember that the University oof Florida, IFAS “Florida Friendly Landscape TM program is a resource that you can use to help your efforts to spread the word. I think I can safely speak for the other agents that what you are doing is a great thing. We need more folks like you to help us get the word out.
    Also, for myself, I consider water to be our MOST IMPORTANT natural resource. I can live without god, silver, gasoline and electricity. I can’t live without water!!!!!!!!

    Joe Sewards


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