Further Update on Florida Friendly Landscape

Well, as Jennifer here in St. Augustine said, “things are heating up”!  May Management sent Jennifer a letter letting her know her appeal would be heard on Tuesday, November 1 at their offices in St. Augustine Beach at 6 PM.  So anyone planning to support her with their presence should note this change.

Jennifer also received a reply to her letter to the County Commissioners about her HOA woes.  Commissioner Mark Miner responded with a favorable opinion from the County attorney, Patrick McCormack, after reviewing the community HOA documents.  As his email is confidential I am not able to print his opinion, however it will more than likely be shared with the ARC at the 11/1 meeting.

2 thoughts on “Further Update on Florida Friendly Landscape

    1. Since Jennifer just found out yesterday abut the change of date I do not know who will be there. I plan to be there and, with any luck, some of the others who planned to attend on 11/7 will be able to make it. It would be great if the St. Johns IFAS guy, Keith Fuller, would be there, but several folks are unable to take positions or try to “enforce” guidelines as they are only able to act as educators and unable to take “sides”. Hopefully some of the native plant nursery owners and other interested homeowners or FFL homeowners will attend.


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