Recycled Halloween Costumes

Photo: koalalana/

With one of my favorite holidays coming up, Halloween, it’s time to think about upcycling and recycling for your costume.  I guess I like Halloween because you can dress up as anything you want…weird or conventional…and you won’t get judged for being outlandish!

One year I bought a 50’s or 60’s white cocktail dress with a big skirt made of feathers at a thrift shop.  When I saw the dress I visualized a well coiffed  poodle, not a costume I had in mind when I started looking.  Paying about $8  for the dress, I proceeded to make my costume complete with white stockings that I already owned, some rhinestone studded sunglasses (circa 1960) and sewed a “collar” and poufs for around my ankles and wrists.  Voila’…I became Fifi for a night!  Too bad I can’t find that picture 🙂

Of course when we were younger we emulated ourselves after our favorite cartoon characters and typically Halloween costumes were purchased to satisfy our intense goal of looking just like the character, usually a princess.  Maybe you were fortunate enough that your mother, aunt or grandmother liked to sew and made your costume.  Am I kidding…time for sewing costumes, especially if you have more than one child?  Why not try to encourage children to dream up some fanciful ideas for a costume and, if really encouraged, they can probably create one themselves from all the dress-up clothes and toys around the house.

For some inspiration on hand-made and recycled/upcycled costumes click here  for a slideshow from the DailyGreen.  And click here for some easy costumes to make from Real Simple.  I’m not sure what costume I’ll wear, but I may try to find my poodle costume and recycle it this year although I really like the Marie Antoinette costume 🙂

Anything you would like to comment on or add?

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