Steve Jobs 1955-2011

My “Off the green” tab is an area where I write about things that may not typically be thought of as green or sustainable.  Having my own thoughts on events, products, tributes and causes, “off the green” posts will end up here. 

I learned of the passing of Steve Jobs about 9 o’clock last evening which really saddened me.  Not because I thought he was such a great man, but because I did not know much about him other than the Apple icon.

I thought possibly I heard something wrong so I searched “Steve Jobs” on the internet to learn more.  An “ipage” appeared where apparently people who knew him were leaving comments.  The hundreds of comments I read made me realize this man must have been quite an inspiration to many, not just those who worked with him.  And the comments were streaming in!

I was a PC person since the late 70’s when I worked as an IT person writing HTML software…we were called “Systems Analysts” back then.  Not only was I a PC person, I was a die-hard PC fan, apparently easily influenced by my coworkers at that young age.

PC’s were all I knew and I was surrounded by some top notch computer people, several who migrated from IBM.  Macs/Apple were always a source of criticism and jokes.  I guess “old school” PC cronies could not fathom a twenty eight year-old college drop-out developing a computer capable of doing the same things a PC could do, but more logically.  Who was this kid who thought he could take over the computer world…just a flash in the pan they all said.

My last PC, bought in 2005, was a Sony desktop that came loaded with Windows Vista.  I spent $2000+ on this beautiful Sony desktop that could be mounted on the wall and also offered a button to watch TV, all this and a snazzy see-through bezel!  I thought this could be the all-in-one unit that would eliminate the need to buy an additional TV.

Ugh…this computer turned out to be nothing more than headache after headache.  After reaching the limits of tolerance, I could no longer handle the Vista operating system and was so mad at Microsoft for developing this user un-friendly platform that in 2008 I purchased my first MacBook, some thirty years after my work with PCs.  My Sony desktop is now a “pain in the butt” TV that doesn’t even turn on with the simple switch of a button.  My experiences with Sony…another story for a later time.

I was so amazed at what my MacBook could do, how easy it was to convert and how logical it was!  No constant virus scanning necessary…no constant disk defrag and the various other “maintenance” items I used to perform on a weekly basis.  And all these wonderful applications!  I feel in love with my Mac and hit myself for not converting decades ago.

Steve, you changed my life even though I never knew much about you other than you were a brilliant college drop-out fighting cancer.  You have left behind an extremely powerful legacy that has changed the world for the better.

Rest in peace, Steve and may your family immerse themselves in loving memories…and thank you!

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