Preserve Two Square Feet of Trees for Every Cup of Coffee!

Photo: Robert Goodier

Most everyone enjoys a cup of coffee, whether daily or just occasionally.  Did you know you have the opportunity to save forests and wildlife by choosing a shade-grown coffee?

According to the Arbor Day Foundation selecting one of the following third-party verified coffees saves 2 square feet of trees for every cup of coffee you drink!  And, if you enjoy watching the songbirds that visit your yard throughout the year, don’t forget they often spend winters in South and Central America rain-forests!  Learn more about the third-party certifications….

Dan Shapely from the DailyGreen describes the differences in the third-party verifications:

When it comes to coffee, there are several labels you can look for: organic, Fair Trade, bird friendly or shade-grown. Each label is third-party verified and means something slightly different.

USDA Organic means that the coffee wasn’t grown using pesticides, chemical fertilizers or genetically modified seeds.
Fair Trade-certified means that workers were paid a fair wage and not subjected to unhealthy farming practices, like excessive use of toxic pesticides.
Bird Friendly and Rainforest Alliance-certified shade grown coffee labels mean that coffee was grown using traditional methods so that rain forest trees on coffee plantations are preserved, rather than clear-cut. (The “bird friendly” part comes in because many of the songbirds that frequent U.S. backyards spend winters in South and Central American rain forests, including shade-grown coffee plantations.)

Choosing any certified roast is a good choice for the environment, compared with typical coffee, which is doused with pesticides and grown on land that has been clear-cut.

The Arbor Day Foundation did the math for The Daily Green, and found that each cup of shade grown coffee preserves two square feet of rain forest.

To find shade-grown “bird friendly” coffee (certified by the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center) or Rainforest Alliance, look for the labels below at right, and consider these brands:

rainforest alliance certified label
rainforest alliance certified label

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