Empire Building is awarded LEED Gold Certification!

Photo: Environmental Leader

WOW, the Empire State Building is now LEED certified!  The $20 million retrofit consisted of replacing 96% of the 6,514 windows!

The best part is they retrofitted and recycled the windows!  The cost to retrofit the windows was substantially less than replacing the windows, $750 per window vs. $2500. The new window retrofit product is called iWindow, developed by Serious Energy and is mainly used for commercial windows due to the cost. They also manufacture residential windows that are basically triple pane without the weight or cost of traditional triple pane windows.  Their website is very engaging, offers many solutions for commercial and residential buildings and has some great case studies and galleries.  The iWindow is a great solution for Historic buildings while preserving the Historic value.

The Empire Building retrofit is expected to reduce energy use by up to 38 percent, cut energy costs by $4.4 million annually, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 105,000 metric tons over the next 15 years.  This retrofit now has the Empire State Building more energy-efficient than 90% of the downtown office buildings, paving the way for higher rents for more efficient offices.

Who knows, maybe this iconic building will become a model for more commercial buildings?

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