Eight Ways to Green Your Back To School Routine

Photo credit: tncountryfan/Flickr, Creative Commons license

Now that the kids are heading back to school, have you thought about ways you might be able to make their school days a little greener?  In the past you probably purchased brown bags and plastic bags for their lunches, new school supplies so they could keep up with their peers and of course, the new school year wardrobe of designer clothes.

Once your children begin realizing the effects of recycling and how they can change the world they will jump on the bandwagon and become their own fashion leaders.  What a great way to educate your children…recycling of material goods as well as conserving natural resources will make them future leaders!

Christina Nunez of National Geographic offers eight ways to green your back to school routine in her recent article.  She also includes information about RecycleBank (a company that provides discounts and rewards for recycling efforts), The Great Energy Challenge (National Geographic’s program) and the 360° Diet (National Geographic’s blogging site for families who take the challenge).  Make sure to visit the Great Energy Challenge website and check your score on the personal energy meter.  I did and I scored 7% lower than my regional average and 17% lower than the national average.   Reply to this post with a comment and let me know your score!

Read Christina’s National Geographic article now….

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